Working countless hours and every weekend…yet still struggling to make ends meet.
Spending all your free time crafting advertisements & offers…that don’t even get noticed.
Watching other photographers in your niche get all the accolades and bookings…while you keep edging ever closer towards burnout.
And hoping like mad things will turn around for you soon.
The one that leads to working less hours, attracting clients you love and making a whole lot more money…
Good news: I can help you with that.

Why I created this course

Raise your hand if this sounds like you…
>> You’re an experienced photographer, or maybe you’re ready to take the plunge and turn your photography passion into a full-blown career.
>>And now that you’ve got your sights set on building your dream photography business, you want to start gaining REAL momentum.
Only problem is…

You’re not really sure what you need to do to set yourself apart from the millions of photographers out there

You have no idea how to get your business and brand out there so clients contact you

When you do talk to clients it feels a bit awkward to sell your services, especially if you're an introvert

There are never enough hours in the day for all you need to get done.

You need to find out what your customers want and tie it into your business

You’re willing to work hard, but you still want a life and working 24/7 is not your idea of fun

Here’s what you DO want:
>> To get clear on the type of clients you want to serve in your business and how to reach them
>> Find out how to be more than a one hit wonder for clients
>> To have the kind of photography business you’ve always dreamed of, one that feels like fun while positioning you as an expert, but that also makes a profit.

This is not something that’s only reserved for a chosen lucky few. There IS enough room in the market for your unique skills and talents.

You CAN have the photography business of your DREAMS.
with professional photographer
Kim Hartz

What this is

Brand Brilliantly is a 4-week program for photographers who want to build a sustainable, profitable business – without the burnout.

Delivered in an online format this program will show you how to draw your dream clients in like a Kardashian to an after party.

Through a combination of high quality video tutorials, fun worksheets, practical resources, and a private Facebook group, you’ll learn the steps to building your brand so you can grow the photography business of your dreams – and you know, actually make a profit.

Basically, this program gives you the secrets to making more money working with clients you love.

You will get instant access to all three easy to follow modules that take you step by step through the exact same formula I used to build my own successful brand and connect with dream clients all over the country.

Each module is highly actionable so you can start implementing what you’re learning right away.

And most importantly, this program is self-paced, meaning it is designed to fit around your busy schedule.

Which means: No deadlines to meet (life is busy enough). No exams or classes to rush to. No pre-requisites or annoying requirements that create stress for everyone.

Just easy to follow, bite-sized chunks of solid business branding advice from someone who’s been to burnout city and bought the t-shirt.

If you’re tired of hagglers and deal seekers, if you’re sick of throwing money at marketing that just isn’t working, if you’re over feeling exhausted and stretched to the limit financially, then the Brand Brilliantly program is for you.


I knew I had to make some big changes in my business, and I also knew I had to stop putting it off and just do it! I signed up for Brand Brilliantly because I wanted to learn the ropes from someone who had done it before me. I’ll be honest, there was a lot of content, and at times I personally found it a challenging process to work through – but boy am I glad I did it!

The information I got from Kim helped me take a good long look at the issues in my business, and I feel a lot more confident knowing how to make tangible changes for the longevity of my business. I’ve finally got my light room reinstalled, taxes are done, QuickBooks is set up and I just watched the last module – twice!

Apart from all of the hugely valuable content in the program, having Kim’s support to help build your confidence is priceless. My daughter asked me recently, “Mom, what happened to that woman who raised me? The one who always told me, ‘hell yes, we can do this!” Well thanks to Kim’s Brand Brilliantly program, I think I may have found her again!

If you are thinking of doing Brand Brilliantly - stop procrastinating! Stop wasting time and energy thinking about doing it and take the plunge – you wont regret it. 

Shelly Ellis
S. Ellis Photography
VIP Brand Brilliantly Member

Here’s what you’ll Discover:

Module 1: Develop Brand Clarity

  • Discover how to set yourself apart from the millions of photographers out there
  • Find out what a brand is and why it's so important in your business
  • How to position your brand to attract the perfect clients for your business
  • Find out how to narrow your focus and find a common thread in your work so you can identify your brand even if you're interested in different areas of photography like studio and lifestyle
  • How to find  your own style so that people can recognize your work from a single photo
  • Discover how to come up with something unique that other photographers don't offer

Module 2: Communicate to connect

  • Discover how to hone your message for your perfect client even if you think your ideal client is someone who might not be super similar to you
  • How to be original when it comes to your branding while putting enough of yourself in the look and appealing to your clients at the same time
  • Discover how to find what your clients want and tie that into your business
  • Find out how to be more than a one hit wonder for clients and get repeat business!
  • Find out how to connect with your clients so you can build a relationship and trust that leads to happy clients and higher sales

Module 3: Create Brand Magic

  • Discover how to keep things simple when it's easy to make things way to complex when it comes to design
  • Find out how to create your own visual design for you business like logo and marketing materials even if you're not a graphic designer
  • How to find your voice when writing copy for your website and in depth marketing materials even if you're already great with blog posts
  • Discover how to give your brand a unique voice that speaks to your ideal clients

Here’s what you’ll get:

Fully downloadable worksheets.
Video content housed in a private member’s portal accessible by a unique login
Access to a private Facebook group
Who I Am

I’m Kim Hartz, photographer, entrepreneur, business consultant, photography mentor, passionate speaker, and loving mama to two humans and two fur babies.

I help photographers carve their niche, build their brilliant brand, and create the business of their dreams through my one on one business coaching and mentoring services and online programs.

I’ve been a professional photographer since 2010, and my studio is now recognized as one of the top performing home studios in the country. I’ve been able to build a successful 6-figure business that supports my family and gives me the freedom and flexibility to live a life on my own terms – and what a gift that is.

But it hasn’t all come easily. I’ve certainly experienced my fair share of challenges along the way. I put my success down to a lot of hard work, the willingness to make changes, and to be on top of the numbers side of things.

As the saying goes: being your own boss is great; you get to choose which 18 hours a day you work! Calling the shots, working my own hours and choosing the clients I want to work with all sounds pretty awesome - and it is! But no one told me just how much blood, sweat and tears I’d have to put into my business to make it work.

It was hard in the early days, waiting for those first few bookings, wondering how I was going to pay my rent on the expensive studio I thought made me look more ‘professional’. The funny thing is, when I did eventually move to my home studio, no one even cared!

One thing I never wavered on, no matter how lean things got, was to give away my time and expertise for free, or offer super low prices, just to get people through my doors. Instead, I put all my energy into learning how to price myself for profit.

When my business eventually took off, I found I was rushed off my feet shooting weddings and family portraits every. single. weekend. This was not my idea of fun, but again, I did it because it’s what I thought a professional photographer was supposed to do.

Even though I was making money, I was edging closer and closer towards burn out. I loved my work, but I wasn’t happy. I knew things had to change. So I threw caution to the wind and started working only the hours that suited me - and to my surprise, people still didn’t care! In fact, the demand for my sessions actually grew!

Those early days were tough, but here’s what I think is the secret to my success…

Instead of throwing money into the air and hoping my brand and business would succeed, I took the time to set things up properly, right from the start.

It took some time and a lot of trial and error to get the confidence to do things my way, but my results speak for themselves. These days, on top of running my own successful photography business, I teach other photographers how to make their businesses more profitable!

My time is precious, which is why I’ve tailored everything in my business to work for me so I can spend more time with my young family. No matter where you’re at, or what goals you want to achieve in your photography business, I can help you get there.

When I first heard about Brand Brilliantly I was hesitant because in the past I’ve invested heavily in online programs that gave me zero return. But Kim’s course is different. It’s the kind of course that you find yourself coming back to again and again, and helps you look at your business, and the way you do business, in a whole new way.

I learnt that it isn’t about selling your business; it’s about being yourself and making a connection through the copy, images and stories that you share - it’s about making yourself relatable, and Kim shows you exactly how to do that. I loved being able to move at my own pace with no pressure to get things done. But my favorite part of the whole course was the USP bonus, that is something I will definitely revisit. That and the copy information was not just great value, it was priceless!

Being able to elevate my online voice has helped me position my brand with clarity. If you’re thinking about Brand Brilliantly, don’t hesitate, it’s worth it!

Sandra Showalter It's Your Turn Photography
Sandra Showalter
When you sign up, you’ll get instant access to the entire program – all three modules, plus all the tools and bonuses – so you can get started building your brilliant brand immediately.
Everything is available to download, so no matter where you are, all you need is an Internet connection and you’re good to go.
The modules can all be comfortably completed within four weeks, although – of course – you can go through everything at your own pace.

Payment options

One time payment of



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Still Want More Bonuses?

  • Marketing Master Class training videos  (Value - $497)
  • Price For Profits Workbook: A step by step guide: (Value - $97)
  • Bonus video: Define Your Unique Selling Proposition  (Value - $117)
  • Bonus video: How to get killer Testimonials for your website (Value - $97)
  • 4 Copywriting Secrets by Amie Turner, copywriter (Value - $97)
  • Exclusive access to the private Facebook group (Value - $997)
That’s a total value of $1,805 for these incredible bonuses, and they are yours FREE immediately upon sign up.

Step by step Kim helps you build your brand sharing her personal experiences and the formulas that have helped build her own successful photography business. She has created some awesome worksheets on pricing your work and setting studio policies, which were both areas I had been stuck on. This program gave me confidence, and the tools I needed, to kickstart my business again after a 3 year hiatus. If you’re thinking about Brand Brilliantly, take the plunge, it’s worth every penny!

Laura Popiel
Laura Popiel Photography

Frequently asked questions

The modules are self-paced, so it depends how fast you want to dive into the material. Work at your own pace and give yourself time to process the material and to do the worksheets. You have to put in the time to get the most out of this class.

Happy Snappers

Kim showed me that the 'business of photography' is just as important as the 'craft of photography'. But I think the biggest benefit of working with Kim was learning about managerial accounting – truly eye-opening! If you want to be in business in five years (or even three), make sure you know how to run your business profitably without working crazy hours. Kim will teach you how to do that.

Ellen Zangla
Ellen Zangla Photography

I felt like Kim’s proven success in her own business would make her the perfect person to teach me how to do the same, and I was right! I walked away with tons of valuable information that I was able to apply to my business immediately. She helped me really hone in on my target market. I had lots of great contacts already, but hadn’t even considered marketing to them until Kim pointed it out. If you’re thinking about working with Kim I’d say go for it! She’s friendly, helpful and professional and very focused on helping you get results.

Holly Montgomery
BrindleBerry Pet Photography

Kim's photography business workshop was a total game changer for me. She really focused on my specific needs and we were able to come up with a whole new way of pricing my services so I can start making an actual profit. Kim taught me how to market my business more effectively and thanks to her I’m now a much better sales person too! I highly recommend Kim’s business coaching to anyone who is just starting a photography business, or wants to take things to the next level.

Laura Mansur
LMG Portraits

Kim is a great teacher it really was an amazing opportunity to learn from someone who is so successful in the industry. If you have the opportunity to work with her take advantage of it! If you think you cant afford it, do it anyway, you’ll thank me later! Working with Kim was the best investment I’ve ever made for my business.

Sonia Millán-Uribe
Creative Day Photography

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