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In the meantime, if you’re serious about your business, and you understand that having your own distinctive photographic style is the key to generating more clients and a whole lot more money, then I have something for you...

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Get the first video tutorial from my brand new program: DEVELOPING YOUR STYLE MASTERCLASS
Since starting my business back in 2010 I’ve taken my personal photography style from ‘all over the place’ to one that sets the pace for others. Having a unique style is a major advantage for any photographer, and here’s why:
  • You’ll create meaningful marketing with a cohesive message by zeroing in on your distinctive artistic edge, instead of sending mixed messages and confusing your customers about what you do
  • It adds interest and depth to your images so you can focus on becoming a leader in your field, instead of running yourself ragged trying to be everything to everyone
  • A point of difference makes your images memorable so you can start attracting clients who want to work with you, instead of constantly trying to drum up business  

So for this reason, as soon as I start to see my work being emulated by newbie photographers first, of course, I feel flattered, then I get to work changing things up again!

And now you can find out STEP BY STEP the exact same PROCESS I follow so you can DEVELOP and REFINE your own photographic style and get NOTICED doing photography you love.

TODAY ONLY, get the video tutorial, including:

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  • 26 minute high quality video tutorial to download and watch whenever you want
  • A step-by-step process to help you create a cohesive style that’s unique to you, reflects your talent and makes you memorable
  • BONUS: A downloadable workbook to help you document your new stylistic direction
  • BONUS: My personal inspiration guide to help you smash creative blocks, push past self-imposed limits and give you that winning edge.  

Break out of the mold. Stand out from the competition. Attract clients that want what you’ve got!

Choosing a style and refining it to a point where it’s unique and resonates with clients can be hard. Follow the process I use and discover a winning style that reflects the true artist within.

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