Module One

Working with Pets

Lesson One: Behavior

Before we start getting into the nitty gritty of actually photographing pets, we need to make sure you have a basic understanding of animal behavior and can start to read different situations when you’re working with animals.  This lesson covers the basics you need to know when working with animals.

Lesson two: Safety

Safety on a shoot is so important, and it's a necessary topic we need to talk about.  In this lesson, I go over things to be aware of and how to keep your session safe when working with animals.

Lesson three: Handling

In this lesson we talk about how to handle pets during a session.

Lesson four: Getting Expression

Getting expression is one of the most important things you need to master when photographing pets.  In this lesson, we go over all the tips and tricks that I use to capture my pet's personalities during their sessions.

Lesson five: Planning Session

This is the most important session you can have as a pet photographer, regardless if you take on paying clients or not.  This session is the best way to prepare for your photography session, and it will make you a better photographer.

Lesson six: Tools of the Trade

This lesson covers some of the necessary tools of the trade you may need as a pet photographer.

Lesson seven: Using a Leash & Handling Video

In this video, I show you how to properly use a show lead when working with a dog.  I also show you how to walk a dog back into place during a session.