Module Six

Basic Animal

Lesson one: Using a Gray Target

In this lesson I show you how to white balance your images using a gray target and custom white balance in camera.  Using the gray target, I show you how easy it is to white balance your images in Lightroom after your session.

Lesson two: My Lightroom Workflow

In this lesson, I show you how I work in Lightroom after I have photographed a session.  I show you my process I use to edit and cull my images and my typical workflow.

Lesson three: Leash Removal

In this lesson I show you several ways to remove a leash in Photoshop using an image from an actual client session.

Lesson four: Adding a Catchlight

In this lesson, I show you several techniques for how to add a catchlight back in in Photoshop.

Lesson five: Removing Color Casts on Fur

In this lesson, I go over a very simple and easy to use technique that removes unwanted color casts on pet's fur.  You can also use this technique to change colors in your images, like props, as well as add more pigment to in your images like turning brown grass green.

Lesson Six: Finishing Touches

In this lesson, I show you my final edits for my images before they go to print.  These are the exact finishing touches I add to all of my work.