Module Three

Photographing with
Natural Light

Lesson one: How to look for light

When photographing using natural light, you have to know how to look for the light, what to look for, and what to avoid.  In this lesson, I cover all of these things so that you can be better prepared for your next natural light shoot.

Lesson two: Scouting for Natural Light on Location

In this lesson, I show you how I would scout a natural light location session including the light I would look for and the different areas of interest.

Lesson three: Location Shoot with Natural Light

In this video I show you how I actually photograph a pet on location.  Including how I work with the pet, what I look for in my locations, and how to get expression and unique perspectives.

Lesson four: Scouting Natural Light in a Client’s home

In this lesson I show you how to scout a natural light session in a client's home.  I go over what to look for, what time of day to shoot, and how to prepare for your session.

Lesson five: Natural Light Shoot in Client’s home

In this lesson I take you with me as I do a natural light shoot in a client's home.  Now that we've scouted, we're going to photograph the session!

Lesson six: Photographing Action

Photographing action can be very difficult if you're not set up to succeed with the right settings and tricks to help you capture crisp, in focus images.  In this video I share all of my tips/tricks to nailing your focus and capturing amazing action images including preferred camera settings, how to use your back button focus, single point focus, and get a dog to run your way.

Lesson seven: Photographing Action Shoot

In this lesson I cover the basics of how to nail crisp action photos with a very high energy pup.  Watch as I walk through the basics needed and show you with an actual action photo shoot.