Bonus Content

Free editing video from nicole begley

As a bonus, you will receive free access to Editing Secrets for Pet Photographers course from Hair of the Dog and learn the basics of Lightroom, Photoshop, and 3 can't live without editing tips for photographing dogs.  All 12 lessons are in short and actionable videos allowing you to make immediate improvements in your editing.

Plus, you get a $50 off coupon for Nicole's full post processing course.  The code is LEARNPETEDITING and can be used at the link HERE

Bonus video: Photographing in studio

This video shows me working with a dog in studio.  It goes over my lighting set up, how to use a leash, and how to deal with an anxious dog.

Bonus video: Editing a studio shoot

This video takes you through my workflow after I photograph a session all the way through to my final edits.

Bonus video: Hair of the dog summit talk

How to nail studio lighting when working with pets